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Hello! Welcome to Thu Aug 25 19:37:34 2016
2004 Is our 10th Anniversary on the Internet. Our web site is intended to provide something unique: safe and trustworthy Internet resources that you can always trust. This site is accessible, safe, interactive, uses no pop-ups nor tracking software and is free to the public.
Welcome to our tech library. Security Alert: Internet surfing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer can be unsafe using its default security settings. For high safety, set the Tools|Internet Options|Security tab's "Internet Zone" to "High" security and then add the sites you wish excluded from this strict setting to the "Trusted Zone". Set the trusted realm to "Medium" security. The safest concept to follow is: deny for all and then permit trusted exceptions. Enterprise managers protect their businesses with this concept. A home user should have the same benefits. You are protecting your close family.
Search our Tech Library, built from the understanding that IT is transforming society - creating new careers, new industries, new academic disciplines. Competence in this Information Age requires knowledge of computing systems, global communications networks, interactive information resources plus the ability to apply computational ways of thinking to design, to writing, to experimentation, to artistic expression, and to problem solving.
Quote: "Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed. Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) "

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