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DbMail Administrator (DBMA) for DbMail

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Download TAR

The DbMail Administrator (DBMA) web interface allows secure html access to the SQL database and the dbmail-adduser programme which enables you to manage Dbmail users globally or individually. It lets you add, delete and change users, passwords, aliases as well as show information about a specific user or display a list of existing users. It also has the capability of adding/removing separate aliases.

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Remote Port Scanner

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Download PHP

Check for Open Ports On Target Machines
This script is available in PHP only. You need to be running a web server or virtual host with PHP4 correctly installed. Simply unpack the script to a server script directory where you run your PHP from. The script can be edited to include additional ports. The following are included in the script: POP3 Mail Server port 110, MsSQL port 1433, FTP Server port 21, SSH Server port 22, SMTP Mail Server port 25, MySQL Server port 3306, SSL Server port 443, Web Server port 80, Handle Server 8000, and a Proxy Web Server at 8001.
Remote Console Window

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Download Perl

Run Console Commands on a Remote Computer
This PERL script runs on any platform and will provide you with a full console window for the remote computer in your browser. Run shell commands and scroll read the output or cut and paste capture the output to another application. No programming knowledge is required. No configuring is needed except where you are running PERL as a CGI instead of an ISAPI. In which case you must change the shebang line at the top of the script to point to PERL.
  1. In Win32 that would likely be #!C:/perl/bin/perl.exe
  2. On a unix box: #!/usr/bin/perl (Be sure to set file permission [CHMOD] to 755.)
Time Checker

Script Test

Download VBScript

Time Checker.
The VBScript programme checks your local systems' time and compares that information to a time hack it gets from the U.S. Navy Master Clock. The Department of the Navy serves as the United States of America official timekeeper, with the Master Clock facility located at the Washington Naval Observatory. Instructions for setting up the script are included in the package. If you choose to test this script using the link above, select "Run this program from its current location" when asked. You must have cscript in your system path to enable running vbscript on your computer.
BackOriface Port Checker


Download Compiled "C"

Back Orifice Port Scanner.
Unzip the package and place the executable file "checkport.exe" in the [%systemroot%] or [%systemroot%/system32] directory. (ie.: c:\Windows, c:\Winnt, c:\Win9x, c:\Windows\system, c:\Winnt\system32, c:\Win9x\system etc.). Invoke the command "checkport" from cmd.exe or (MS-DOS) window.
Server/Client System Information

Script Test

Download Perl PHP

Everything you wanted to know about your server (and client machine) in an attractive presentation.
The php(4) file is ready to go. As long as you have a php-enabled server you need only place it in a directory and call it from your browser or a link. The perl file may need the reference to perl changed. Change the pound bang hash to match your server's Perl location. example: #!E/perl/bin/perl.exe example: #!/usr/bin/perlml Permissions on the file must be changed to EXECUTABLE.
Large Size Drop Menu Script

Script Test

Download Perl

Perl Server-Side-Include Web-Site Drop Menu
This is a cool SSI method of delivering a huge drop menu to a web page without making the
client machine do any of the work. It just serves the server-pre-processed html. Then it fetches the
page your visitor selects and delivers that page to the visitor's browser. Run through that again? Sure.
The script makes a drop menu -- which with your help could be an entire web site of 400 pages -- then it takes the output (when the visitor clicks "Go!") to the Web Root, fetches the selected page and delivers it to your page in the visitor's browser -- all done from the server-side! It works great!!
Color Code Translator

Script Test

Download Java(/html) PHP

For building web pages. Click on the color you like and the color code translator will show the code in a text box. You can cut and paste to your document. Choose from either PHP or Java scripts. Download, unpack and use the script. No changes are required.
Cool Calculator

Script Test

DownloadZip File

This Java Calculator works a lot better than the calculator that comes with Windows. It does squares and square roots in a flash. Stores data to memory and allows multiple manipulations of integers. It's written in Java and works like a charm. Download the WinZip file and unpack it to your html directory or My Documents then add it to your Favorites in your Netscape or Microsoft Browser. If for some reason you find it doesn't work in Internet Explorer, download the latest version of Microsoft's Virtual Machine.

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